Baaghi: Honour misplaced

Baaghi: Honour misplaced…

Ghairat, a concept still prevalent in Pakistan means honour; and it is this concept that has been misconstrued to the point that it has been to the detriment of people’s lives.

Having studied women’s rights and the patriarchal system in Pakistan, I was well aware of the types of injustices happening to women. Murders and domestic violence mostly committed in the name of honour; and the reasoning behind some of these killings- ‘our daughter refused a marriage proposal’ or ‘our daughter brought shame on the family for liking a boy’ or ‘my wife was disrespectful to my parents’.

Shocking? Ofcourse these statements will be shocking to hear especially living in the 21st century. I would like to make clear that in this short blog of mine, I do not wish to generalise about the people and defame a country I hold so dear to my heart. My reference is to the minority who hold conservative views and breach the code of ethics and morals. More importantly, Islam does not preach violence or harm to women, after all it was the last messenger of Allah- Prophet Muhammad PBUH that brought the message of being just and kind to all, especially women.

In 2015, I heard the news that Pakistan’s iconic social media star- Qandeel Baloch had been murdered by her brother in the name honour. I was shocked to hear the news because to me it was ‘another honour killing’ and typically my thoughts were ‘when will all of this end?’ However I did not know much about this iconic star to put into context how and why something like this had occurred. The young woman’s videos were going viral all over social media and inevitably those who disagreed with her behaviour chastised her.

My opportunity to learn more about this famous social media star came as a result of a Pakistani drama written by Shazia Khan called Baaghi- which means to rebel. She didn’t meet society’s ideals and Patriarchal system so she was considered a rebel. A real characterisation of the super star’s life was eloquently played by Pakistani actress Saba Qamar. The captivating acting by all the characters left the audience with shivers. Interestingly, Some of the events which took place in the iconic star’s life were events we didn’t hear about in the media. There are two sides to a coin but paradoxically, people and the media only choose to show one side.

The drama was very emotional to watch because it was based on true events. My thoughts throughout this drama were why is this concept of honour still rife that it has misplaced people from right and wrong? When will we drop the ‘log kya kahenge?’ Mentality (What will society think?).

Qandeel’s incident is one example out of many honour killings. How many have already taken place and how many more innocent women will be killed in the name of honour before society starts to differentiate between right and wrong?

‘Kaun ghairat? Kis ki ghairat?’

By Shaista Ali


International ‘why men say little’ about this day? 

It’s very inspiring to see women encouraging other women and congregating at marches to lift each other’s spirits to reinforce their worth and fight gender inequality in a male-dominated society. But where are all the men in this celebration? Year after year I wait in anticipation for International Women’s Day to see who makes that bold statement or organises a creative campaign to commemorate this glorious day, but much to my disappointment Its mostly women.   

Women marches, women appreciation nights/awards, inspirational talks- all conducted by women. Contradictory or mere coincidence that only women turn up? 
Although, let’s not forget and take a moment to appreciate the ever so handsome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who not only expressed his gratitude for women on this day but did so in the language of love! All the more reason to swoon over him…but that is not my point. My point is, there are only a handful of men speaking up about #IWD and we need to change this. 
To the men who are vocal, I applaud you for your encouragement standing side by side with your female friends. But to the men with no sense of moral/female-being- this is only 1 day from 365 days where we ask you to give us some acknowledgement! 
Ofcourse, there are men and women who shun the idea of a ‘women’s day’ and argue that women should be celebrated all year round; and that’s okay. But on the one day you get the opportunity to be openly expressive as you like, why not embrace it? 
We’re not telling men to suddenly start fighting for women’s rights or sing Beyoncé’s ‘Who run the world…?’ from the depths of their lungs. Just have an opinion, whatever that may be, to show you recognise women and agree they add value to your life. In fact, be vocal as often as you can, otherwise women are at odds with themselves by being the only ones to recognise their achievements. 

Photo taken above is courtesy of Wrasac Dundee & Angus who organised a successful march in Dundee City Centre on #IWD 

Disclaimer: I do not hate men. 

Snapchat, Eid ul fitr and Social harmony

No doubt everyone had a wonderful Eid with family and friends this year. Everyone managed to make time to enjoy this religious and joyful occasion. After 30 days of fasting, praying, giving up habits for the sake of Allah, preceded a much deserving celebration. Eid is a special and momentous occasion celebrated by Muslims around the world. 
The essence of Eid lies in the heart of it’s people, the community. The spirit of Eid was really felt this year with the live snapchat story on #Eidulfitr- a social media platform which shares stories of what is happening around the world. 
Ironically, I am quite new to snapchat and have been left fascinated by the stories shared by people around the world. The story which first caught my attention was the one on Gaza. For those of you who are aware, we always get to see the negative side to this wonderful place. Amidst the war torn place, live people who wish to live an ordinary life and celebrate normality.
Likewise, a couple of days later, snap chat decided to do a story called #meccalive. A beautiful depiction of where Islam began. It was mesmerising to watch people all over Makkah, take short snapshots of the beautiful ka’abah at different times of the day. Some took video footage whilst circumambulating around the ka’abah, whilst others took snaps of praying. It was a beautiful representation of Islam. They were real people showing the real Islam. 



Lastly, the #Eidulfitr live story was even more fascinating! Everywhere around the world, people celebrated Eid which marked the conclusion of Ramadhan. People regardless of colour, race and age shared a common belief- a way of life and showed this through social media. 

These stories made me ponder and think about how fast-paced our world is becoming and how we need to embrace new ways to illustrate the beauty of Islam, in the light of vast media negativity. Islam- a peaceful religion, indiscriminate of people, preaches humanity. Regardless of what the media say about Islam through the crooked acts of a minority who use Islam to promote extremism, these snaps show the true essence of Islam. That essence which proves people are humble, peaceful and want to spread love. 


Social platforms, as well as spreading the indoctrination of the negativity of the media, can also be good in bringing about harmony. Stories like the abovementioned, are learning opportunities for many who are ignorant or choose to believe what the media tell them. They are an opportunity for many to explore the real people and real experiences. In this respect, social media has played a great role in bringing about great harmony. We have yet to see many more instances where religion is a source of positivity on social media but we are not far from this. 
Nonetheless I was quite content to witness that social media is bringing about social harmony on this occasion. 

Therefore I would like to wish everyone around the globe a heartfelt Eid Mubarak from Scotland, with love 🙂  
By Shaista Ali 

Embracing Nature 

We live a fast-paced life, working, volunteering and a schedule waiting to be met. For myself, I find it hard to believe how time flies working and living a busy life that it’s hard to stop    and think. It’s at times like these, you should stop, take a minute and listen to that little voice in your head that is telling you to give yourself a break. 

For a while I had been thinking- ‘I just want to get away!’ Go on holiday or do something to ease my mind and not have to think about ‘life’. The initial plan was to grab a friend and head to another city for shopping and a bite to eat. But even that thought exhausted me- get up, get dressed, buy more clothes I’m not going to wear, spend more money unnecessarily and come home having tired myself out! Worth it? Maybe if it was something you haven’t done in a while, but not in my case. 
As a teenager, I loved cycling, hiking and doing activities out of my comfort zone. I used to get a lot of joy out of it, knowing that I challenged myself. Then I realised, this is what I needed to do- go for a long pleasant hike out in the middle of nowhere! 
That is exactly what I did! Called my bestie, made a nice light healthy lunch and took off in the morning for an adventure! It was great to just get my hiking boots on, my hoodie and backpack and not care in the world what I looked like… Well apart from the time I wanted to take a ‘selfie’. 

We set off and drove to Glen Doll and went for a nice long pleasant hike. It was beautiful to hear nothing but the sound of nature, the sheep baa’ing at us and the sound of nearby waterfalls. The view was absolutely stunning as well as the weather! 

 I didn’t have a care in the world about anything for those couple of hours, other than being with a good friend and enjoying nature. The lack of signal on our phone was a bonus as it meant switching off from the consumerist and materialistic world and spending time with what is truly important- the people physically with us. Just catching up, appreciating the wild and freeing our mind was truly a momentarily blessing. I realised that we take time out to go shopping and do other activities but we never feel at peace. Just being in an isolated place and embracing the silence was fulfilling for the empty soul.

Then I came across this beautiful quote on a postcard which was fitting for our time and friendship we have had- ‘leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but memories’ 

Exactly what we did folks! 
By Shaista Ali 

Lessons we can all learn from the Earthquake in Nepal


On the 25th April 2015, Nepal was hit with a deadly earthquake causing the lives of many. Over 5,000 people have been confirmed dead while thousands have been left destitute and homeless. Unaware and living their lives as normal as anyone else, the nation now grieves the loss of it’s people and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

As the coming weeks, months and years to restore the pain and loss of a beautiful country, takes place, what can we all learn from this tragedy. If anything, this tragic event should sadden us all and give us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and how the love for humanity can be the saviour.

Love thy neighbour 

During a crisis like this, it is important to help out those who have been affected by the quake. It is heartwarming to hear that the Nepalese community- regardless of race or religion, are helping one another to build make-shift shelters out of bamboo sticks. Likewise, we too, can help our Nepalese brothers and sisters. Although we may be far away, distance should not hinder us from showing kindness and compassion. There are plenty of appeals that we can donate to such as the Disaster & Emergency Committee (DEC) to help make a difference. Regardless of the passing comments people make about donating, trust me, the money you donate will be needed for the scarce resources, lack of medical equipment and emergency shelter.


This is an important time for us all to reflect on our own lives and be thankful for the luxuries that we enjoy. They might not be luxuries or privileges in our eyes, but look at your life through the lens of someone who has just lost their loved ones, their home and have very little to eat and drink.

Stop Complaining 

It’s natural for all of us human beings to complain. We complain about minor things such as the weather, our jobs, livelihood- we are all guilty of it. This is the moment where we should stop complaining and start living!

Appreciate your loved ones

How often do we tell our loved ones how much we love them? Not very much! Life is too short to not appreciate the people around you. We are very lucky to have the relationships that we do, and admittedly, no-ones relationships are perfect and everyone has their circumstances, but we should put in more effort and treat everyone with kindness.


The earthquake that took place was a natural disaster and took the lives of thousands. A forceful shaking of plates below the earth is what has caused this and that is the natural justification for it. What about man-made destruction such as wars which have been taking place for centuries? Where is the justification for shedding blood there? There is none. Therefore, as much as we are all saddened by this natural occurrence, we as humanity have a responsibility towards one another too.

Reflect and Take Action.

Shaista Ali

Endure the Stress and Achieve Exam Success


It’s that time of year again where people are rejoicing over Spring and enjoying the lovely weather. But for many, mainly students, this is the most dreaded time of the year- exam time! As students wait in anticipation to sit their finals, the stress levels rise, as well as the shots of caffeine and ‘all nighters’… Sound familiar?

Can’t remember the last time you did something fun? Forgot what freedom smelt like? Constantly stuck your head in a book or on a computer? We have all been through this and can empathise your struggle. For someone who has been to university for 5 years, having achieved a Masters at the end of it, let me tell give you some tips:

1. #BYOB

You heard it dude, ‘Be your own boss!’ Exam revision is a process which is entirely dependent on you. You need to be strategic and productive about how…

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Productivity and the Right People


I woke up this morning on a happy note as I left the house with a schedule in mind. Read my emails, did some work and reflected on my goals for the week and for the rest of the month. Regardless of being on vacation, I feel it is necessary for one to remain productive and enthusiastic about the future. Without goals and ambitions, we are lifeless and not really striving towards something.

For me personally, I want to continue striving to better my life through knowledge and experience. More importantly, with the right people. Having the right influence around you can make an impact on your attitude- towards work, relationships and life. The right people will remind you of your potential, dreams and turning them into a reality. I’m blessed to have many family and friends who remind me every day of how I should follow my dreams. If…

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Productivity and the Right People

I woke up this morning on a happy note as I left the house with a schedule in mind. Read my emails, did some work and reflected on my goals for the week and for the rest of the month. Regardless of being on vacation, I feel it is necessary for one to remain productive and enthusiastic about the future. Without goals and ambitions, we are lifeless and not really striving towards something.

For me personally, I want to continue striving to better my life through knowledge and experience. More importantly, with the right people. Having the right influence around you can make an impact on your attitude- towards work, relationships and life. The right people will remind you of your potential, dreams and turning them into a reality. I’m blessed to have many family and friends who remind me every day of how I should follow my dreams. If it isn’t through a conversation, then a lovely email from a friend across the other end of the world will remind me of my capabilities and to follow my dreams.

Inspirational and ambitious people are very important for your personal growth. Not only do they help realise your dreams but make the challenges feel more easier to face. In effect, those people are creating visionaries and helping you dream better. Without the right people in your life, you simply cannot function and remain productive. Your success is your own, but success also derives from the people you surround yourself with. So eliminate negativity and welcome positivity.

Here’s a quote to leave you with some inspiration:

‘Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and Great minds discuss IDEAS’

Shaista Ali


New Year…New Me…New What??

As the new year approaches, we become so haste in making our new year goals as if we had such a terrible year, that we must rectify it. Reassurance or stupidity? Let’s just call it reflecting carefully and wanting to reinforce the goals we first set ourselves but failed to meet. I too, like many, have set myself a number of goals in the past. With great enthusiasm and excitement, I begin the new year confidently and by the 31st Dec, I’m exhausted! Not from having successfully met my goals, but from the mental exhaustion of discovering the year has already come to an end!

So what is it about the new year that makes us more determined? Is it really a new beginning or another opportunity to do things differently? For many, it really is a new chapter- whether it be a new job, a house move, or getting married. They are all milestones for people to look forward to in the coming year. For some, the previous year has been so overwhelming, it is time to put it behind them and move onto different ventures.

12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks… comes with a range of different adventures, roller coaster of emotions and bi-polar weather conditions…that is, if you live in Scotland! Before you know, the year has come to and end and in the blink of an eye, you experienced so much in such a short space of time. As I said in a very recent post, let us all reflect on what we experienced and be thankful of another opportunity to set ourselves some more targets. Regardless of having successfully met your goals for the year, go ahead and set them anyways. Trust me, you will be surprised how much you can achieve by putting your heart and soul into them. It just takes a little confidence and self-belief to achieve what you wish to achieve.

Life is a gift and we must do something everyday to realize this.

Shaista Ali