International ‘why men say little’ about this day? 

It’s very inspiring to see women encouraging other women and congregating at marches to lift each other’s spirits to reinforce their worth and fight gender inequality in a male-dominated society. But where are all the men in this celebration? Year after year I wait in anticipation for International Women’s Day to see who makes that bold statement or organises a creative campaign to commemorate this glorious day, but much to my disappointment Its mostly women.   

Women marches, women appreciation nights/awards, inspirational talks- all conducted by women. Contradictory or mere coincidence that only women turn up? 
Although, let’s not forget and take a moment to appreciate the ever so handsome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who not only expressed his gratitude for women on this day but did so in the language of love! All the more reason to swoon over him…but that is not my point. My point is, there are only a handful of men speaking up about #IWD and we need to change this. 
To the men who are vocal, I applaud you for your encouragement standing side by side with your female friends. But to the men with no sense of moral/female-being- this is only 1 day from 365 days where we ask you to give us some acknowledgement! 
Ofcourse, there are men and women who shun the idea of a ‘women’s day’ and argue that women should be celebrated all year round; and that’s okay. But on the one day you get the opportunity to be openly expressive as you like, why not embrace it? 
We’re not telling men to suddenly start fighting for women’s rights or sing Beyoncé’s ‘Who run the world…?’ from the depths of their lungs. Just have an opinion, whatever that may be, to show you recognise women and agree they add value to your life. In fact, be vocal as often as you can, otherwise women are at odds with themselves by being the only ones to recognise their achievements. 

Photo taken above is courtesy of Wrasac Dundee & Angus who organised a successful march in Dundee City Centre on #IWD 

Disclaimer: I do not hate men.