Snapchat, Eid ul fitr and Social harmony

No doubt everyone had a wonderful Eid with family and friends this year. Everyone managed to make time to enjoy this religious and joyful occasion. After 30 days of fasting, praying, giving up habits for the sake of Allah, preceded a much deserving celebration. Eid is a special and momentous occasion celebrated by Muslims around the world. 
The essence of Eid lies in the heart of it’s people, the community. The spirit of Eid was really felt this year with the live snapchat story on #Eidulfitr- a social media platform which shares stories of what is happening around the world. 
Ironically, I am quite new to snapchat and have been left fascinated by the stories shared by people around the world. The story which first caught my attention was the one on Gaza. For those of you who are aware, we always get to see the negative side to this wonderful place. Amidst the war torn place, live people who wish to live an ordinary life and celebrate normality.
Likewise, a couple of days later, snap chat decided to do a story called #meccalive. A beautiful depiction of where Islam began. It was mesmerising to watch people all over Makkah, take short snapshots of the beautiful ka’abah at different times of the day. Some took video footage whilst circumambulating around the ka’abah, whilst others took snaps of praying. It was a beautiful representation of Islam. They were real people showing the real Islam. 



Lastly, the #Eidulfitr live story was even more fascinating! Everywhere around the world, people celebrated Eid which marked the conclusion of Ramadhan. People regardless of colour, race and age shared a common belief- a way of life and showed this through social media. 

These stories made me ponder and think about how fast-paced our world is becoming and how we need to embrace new ways to illustrate the beauty of Islam, in the light of vast media negativity. Islam- a peaceful religion, indiscriminate of people, preaches humanity. Regardless of what the media say about Islam through the crooked acts of a minority who use Islam to promote extremism, these snaps show the true essence of Islam. That essence which proves people are humble, peaceful and want to spread love. 


Social platforms, as well as spreading the indoctrination of the negativity of the media, can also be good in bringing about harmony. Stories like the abovementioned, are learning opportunities for many who are ignorant or choose to believe what the media tell them. They are an opportunity for many to explore the real people and real experiences. In this respect, social media has played a great role in bringing about great harmony. We have yet to see many more instances where religion is a source of positivity on social media but we are not far from this. 
Nonetheless I was quite content to witness that social media is bringing about social harmony on this occasion. 

Therefore I would like to wish everyone around the globe a heartfelt Eid Mubarak from Scotland, with love 🙂  
By Shaista Ali 


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