Lessons we can all learn from the Earthquake in Nepal


On the 25th April 2015, Nepal was hit with a deadly earthquake causing the lives of many. Over 5,000 people have been confirmed dead while thousands have been left destitute and homeless. Unaware and living their lives as normal as anyone else, the nation now grieves the loss of it’s people and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

As the coming weeks, months and years to restore the pain and loss of a beautiful country, takes place, what can we all learn from this tragedy. If anything, this tragic event should sadden us all and give us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and how the love for humanity can be the saviour.

Love thy neighbour 

During a crisis like this, it is important to help out those who have been affected by the quake. It is heartwarming to hear that the Nepalese community- regardless of race or religion, are helping one another to build make-shift shelters out of bamboo sticks. Likewise, we too, can help our Nepalese brothers and sisters. Although we may be far away, distance should not hinder us from showing kindness and compassion. There are plenty of appeals that we can donate to such as the Disaster & Emergency Committee (DEC) dec.org.uk to help make a difference. Regardless of the passing comments people make about donating, trust me, the money you donate will be needed for the scarce resources, lack of medical equipment and emergency shelter.


This is an important time for us all to reflect on our own lives and be thankful for the luxuries that we enjoy. They might not be luxuries or privileges in our eyes, but look at your life through the lens of someone who has just lost their loved ones, their home and have very little to eat and drink.

Stop Complaining 

It’s natural for all of us human beings to complain. We complain about minor things such as the weather, our jobs, livelihood- we are all guilty of it. This is the moment where we should stop complaining and start living!

Appreciate your loved ones

How often do we tell our loved ones how much we love them? Not very much! Life is too short to not appreciate the people around you. We are very lucky to have the relationships that we do, and admittedly, no-ones relationships are perfect and everyone has their circumstances, but we should put in more effort and treat everyone with kindness.


The earthquake that took place was a natural disaster and took the lives of thousands. A forceful shaking of plates below the earth is what has caused this and that is the natural justification for it. What about man-made destruction such as wars which have been taking place for centuries? Where is the justification for shedding blood there? There is none. Therefore, as much as we are all saddened by this natural occurrence, we as humanity have a responsibility towards one another too.

Reflect and Take Action.

Shaista Ali


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