Productivity and the Right People

I woke up this morning on a happy note as I left the house with a schedule in mind. Read my emails, did some work and reflected on my goals for the week and for the rest of the month. Regardless of being on vacation, I feel it is necessary for one to remain productive and enthusiastic about the future. Without goals and ambitions, we are lifeless and not really striving towards something.

For me personally, I want to continue striving to better my life through knowledge and experience. More importantly, with the right people. Having the right influence around you can make an impact on your attitude- towards work, relationships and life. The right people will remind you of your potential, dreams and turning them into a reality. I’m blessed to have many family and friends who remind me every day of how I should follow my dreams. If it isn’t through a conversation, then a lovely email from a friend across the other end of the world will remind me of my capabilities and to follow my dreams.

Inspirational and ambitious people are very important for your personal growth. Not only do they help realise your dreams but make the challenges feel more easier to face. In effect, those people are creating visionaries and helping you dream better. Without the right people in your life, you simply cannot function and remain productive. Your success is your own, but success also derives from the people you surround yourself with. So eliminate negativity and welcome positivity.

Here’s a quote to leave you with some inspiration:

‘Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and Great minds discuss IDEAS’

Shaista Ali



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